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Door Bottom Seal Improve The Life Of The Seal

May 26, 2017

Door Bottom Seal :

Installed in the door inside the fire door, the door is closed, automatically down the activities of the seal to suppress the ground, closed the door and the ground of the gap; the door open when the active seal will automatically put away from the ground, and the ground without any friction The

Daily to prevent external dust, smell, mosquitoes, hot and cold air, noise, light and other places from the bottom of the gap into the room to protect the indoor environment.

At the beginning of the fire, to prevent toxic flue gas from the door gap into the room. With the development of fire, the temperature increases, it is equipped with fire expansion material by the temperature of the excitation, expansion quickly and completely closed the door gap, to prevent "channeling fire."

It must be self-extinguishing, flame retardant, flame retardant material manufacturing, and installation does not reduce the safety level of the fire door, it is important to pass the official certification.

2. The principle and installation of the automatic sealing strip

When the door closed, through the transmission mechanism to the stalls to the ground or the threshold, so as to achieve the purpose of sealing sound insulation.

1) Installation of the door automatic seal

Oppressive key

Door automatic sealing strip is divided into two kinds of unilateral or double pressing key. Unilateral compression button according to the design requirements can be installed in the door lock or hinge side, bilateral compression button at the same time pressure, the dust can be automatically extended, that is, a compression button installed on the side of the lock, another compression key installation On the door side of the door. In particular, it is important to note that the double compression key type Door Bottom Seal  at the time of protruding and retracting

Any delay phenomenon, thereby improving the service life of the seal.

2) the door of the automatic seal of the application

* The door of the applicable occasions determine the Door Bottom Seal  the wind of the material.

* PVC door seal for high temperature, noise occasions.

* High temperature flame retardant silicone door seal for DIN 4102 standard fire doors and DIN 18095 standard smoke doors.

* Door automatic seal with the threshold in combination, you can greatly improve the effect of the seal.

* If the bottom of the carpet or different materials for the floor of the joints, it is recommended that the best use of the door at the same time automatic sealing and the threshold.

Often someone complained that the door of the door is not strict, with the wind on the ring. There are people outside to speak, the family also heard very clear, would like to quiet down to see the book is not OK, really enough to suck.

Insiders a look, said the door is not installed, and then check it again, the doors are good, how could this be? In fact, you look carefully, in fact, is your home seal is not good. what? This little seal can make people so headache. So, today Xiaobian to introduce you to the next little effect of this small bar!

The main function of the door seal is to let the door and door frame contact to reduce the closing sound, reduce the dust into the door and extend the life of the protective paint. The most obvious is the shock, in the door line after it is installed to reduce (or even disappear) closed when the collision sound, the edge of the door played a protective effect, and extend the life of the door, reducing the noise. Widely applicable to the family, hotels, hospitals, commercial buildings, clean engineering, large shopping malls and other fields, mainly play dust, wind, light, noise, smoke, temperature, insects, reduce vibration and so on.

Door Bottom Seal  The door sealer is a product that is fitted into the door and allows the entire door and ground to reach the desired sealing effect. (When the door is opened, the seal will automatically retract the door, and the seal will automatically touch the ground when the door is closed.) It can protect the cold and the heat from the environmental protection and energy saving function, and effectively prevent the mosquito and other small insects into the room.