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Door Bottom Seal Appearance Neat, Reliable Performance

Aug 09, 2017

Door Bottom Seal A sealing device for closing the gap between the door and the room.

With the improvement of living standards and the improvement of living conditions, people are not only required to live in the room spacious, comfortable, convenient, but also juvenile juvenile, beautiful, so more and more families at the expense of huge sums of money for home decoration The However, the current general housing,Door Bottom Seal especially in the building of the bedroom housing room door and the ground have a greater gap between. Warm season in the outside of the dust, insects and mosquitoes easily into the room from the gap affect the indoor health and affect people's normal life. Cold winter cold air into the room is not conducive to indoor warmth.

The purpose is to provide a home for the use of the door, the appearance of neat, reliable performance, can effectively prevent the external dust, mosquitoes and cold air from the door gap into the room, the door open, off without any adverse effects Door door seal.

The door door sealing baffle is composed of a plate type frame, a sealing plate and a sealing plate which is connected with an elastic sealing piece connected on the sealing plate, the sealing plate spring, the front slider, the rear slider, the front buffer spring, the rear buffer spring ,Door Bottom Seal The front fixing seat and the rear fixing seat, and the plate type frame has an integral manufacturing slide. The front and rear sliders are mounted on the slide and are slidable along the slide, and the front and rear retainers are fixed in the slide. One end of the sealing plate spring is fixed on the front slider and the other end thereof is fixed on the rear slide. The sealing plate is mounted on the plate frame through the sealing plate spring connected with it, and the sealing plate can be depressed or lifted under the spring. One end of the front cushion spring is fixed on the front fixing seat and the other end is connected with the front slider, and the end of the rear cushion spring is fixed on the rear fixing seat and the other end is connected with the rear slide.

Used to block the door under the door of the gap using the fashion in the door under the edge of the door, the door closed after the slider end of the top door frame, sealing plate spring pressure bow from the sealing plate to press the elastic seal the top touch the ground will be blocked Closed, open the door after the slider to lift the top pressure, seal plate spring recovery will seal plate lift.

The front door of the front and rear bumper springs is fixed on the front and rear fasteners, respectively, and the front end of the front and rear bumper springs are respectively fixed on the front and rear buffers. Are installed in the front and rear sliders in the limit hole,Door Bottom Seal the spring connection end in the limit hole can be limit displacement, before and after the slider at least one slider is equipped with a protruding plate Adjust the top pillar.