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Door Bottom Seal

Jun 28, 2017

Doors are obvious entrances for people and pests. Use Door Bottom Seal with strong exterior covers and interiors filled with rodent-resistant materials to prevent rodents from gnawing through. Ensure the gaskets are intact around the sides of doors and that astragal seals adequately close the gap between doors.

Although all exterior doors are important, ground-level doors and those associated with ramps are even more important as they’re an easy access points.

There’s wear and tear of materials. Doors are constantly being opened and closed and may come out of alignment, expand or contract due to temperate, and door and door frames may expand at different rates, all of which contribute to creating gaps. Regular inspections are recommended.

1.In addition to installing new, rodent-resistant garage or overhead door seals, add vertical rodent guard as weather stripping on either side.

2.Rail doors, where cars come into an unloading shed or building, are particularly difficult to seal, yet one where mice commonly enter.

3. Exclude to the tolerances of the target pest, including proper materials to use for exclusion, and gap and hole sizes that may permit pest entry.

4.Use the proper materials. Using insulation products, such as expanding foam (exclusively) and other soft products, are generally ineffective.

5.Use stainless-steel mesh products for excluding pests from small openings.

6.Birds can be problematic. There are a number of factors that may contribute to bird activity, including bright white roofs, solar panels, and simply the location of the building. Solutions should be chosen on a case-by-case basis.

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