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Does The Toilet Have To Hold Water Bar?

Mar 24, 2018

First, the bathroom is still necessary to install the water barrier

Every time you take a bath, in order to avoid the situation in the bathroom, it's reasonable to make a water stop. At least, the water will not spill out when showering.

Second, the size of the water bar

The weather strip is not a high thickness casually, or it has a certain specification. The height of the water barrier on the market is generally between 40mm and 50mm, and the thickness is generally between 30mm and 40mm. The specific one should be according to the shower room. The size decides.

Third, how to make the waterproof strip has its own characteristics

Waterproof strips can also be very interesting. They can be built with cement, then covered with white cement and put in some colored pebbles. White cement needs to be glued to some glue, and then in the semi-dry state, the colored stone can be glued to it. It can be very creative if it is placed at random. Therefore, even the bathroom's weather strips can be very creative, not only practical but also to create an exotic atmosphere on the bathroom, Fei Mojun is still recommended that the best bathroom bathroom or the installation of the weather bar is more reasonable.

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