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Decoration Tips, Green And Environmentally Friendly

Sep 19, 2016

West towards, the large French window ... ... Faced with these stereotypes, not structured in "big change" houses, what tips can change its "saving energy" status?, in the decoration, do "action" can enter you House "energy saving" in the ranks.


Doors and Windows fitted with sealing strip

Some doors and Windows due to the bad quality of manufacture and installation, gap is not strict, cold air, summer heat, sound insulation is not good. Advice on your doors and Windows can install them "seal", a seal installation is simple and inexpensive, the effect is very obvious, it can save you energy. Even if your housing seal, you should also check the season, select in the wind, feel whether there are gaps at the seams by hand, if you can feel the wind blowing, it must be replaced as soon as possible.


On the balcony door with a "insulation"

In order to make the Interior more spacious, many families in the decoration, tear down that adjoins the balcony door, or simply use the enclosed balcony, balcony door is not installed. This is not wise. According to reports, because the balcony is projecting, energy-saving facilities for ordinary wall is very weak. Without balcony doors throughout the House as a result of the weak points, and increase the heating or cooling energy consumption. Experts suggest that you decorate not only need to keep the balcony door, preferably also in the balcony or balcony door insulation additional around or on the balcony is closed replace insulating glass.


Top roof stuck "aluminum foil"

Both ends of the top housing or building houses, usually "cold winter and hot summer" issue. In the decoration, you can take some "special facilities" to improve the situation. For example, on the roof and on the inner surface of low emissivity materials such as aluminum foil, reduce the roof surface and the body's radiant heat. For example, inside the outer walls and wipe 20 mm to 30 mm thick insulation or exterior wall surfaces painted white or light colored paint. For example, in roofing waterproofing laid on 100 mm to 150 mm, the "insulation".


Windows peripherals "awning"

Windows peripherals "awning" while installing curtains in the room, are all good ways to reduce energy consumption in the summer. It is understood that the external sun shade can block most of the solar radiation in the window, much better than simple curtains. When you decorate, you can also choose "heat reflective" curtains is the external side is silver chemical fiber materials, on one side of the room is an ordinary cloth patterned curtains. This heat-reflective blinds is your good helper for energy-saving, targeted mitigation housing itself "saving energy" caused by "too much energy".


Wall plant "Native plantsTake"

Wall with climbing plants, such as Tiger, Ivy, climbing wall; climbing plants like grapes, morning glory, coral vine, pyrostegia venusta Miers, climbing up the scaffolding. These plants thrive in the hot summer, just used to block solar radiation and absorb the Sun's heat. In the winter, these plants are deciduous, and does not prevent building to accept Sun. According to estimates, in the summer season, there are plants climb the wall House, exterior wall surface temperature can be reduced by 4 degrees to 5 degrees Celsius, the indoor temperature will be lower.