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Daily Maintenance Of Sealing And Application

Sep 19, 2016

1, check whether the sealing cracks, with or without fracture. If the seal is broken, you can use the adhesive patching. Especially the use of seal special adhesive, very easy to put the crack patched. Of course, if the seal damage, aging or larger, better to replace new seal easier.

2, car owners to use cars after sealing stripes for door and window cleaning detergent, preferably coated with a layer of protective agent of high permeability, it can prevent aging and seal will improve sealing tightness. In addition, the seal between the gap easily filled with dust, causing corrosion. To do this, remove dust with a brush.

3, when the entire body is replaced, should weld the lap part of the a layer of sealant, adhesive layer thickness should be about 1mm, and there shall be no virtual-sticky and adhesive layer defects such as bubbles. Under the entire floor surface and front wheel cover elastomeric coating and coating of the surface should be coated with 3mm-4mm. These measures will not only greatly enhance the vehicle's seal and slow down the corrosion rate of the body, but can also greatly improve the ride comfort.

4, the door and the seal is one of the more difficult parts of the body and sealing requirements, should seal part of long, sealing parts of different section shape and frequent door opening and closing. Limousines on setting 3, 4 seal before installing pillars and roof side construction of four sealed beam position. The seals are generally arranged in the front door, in addition to the functions of sealing, there are car noise noise reduction function.

5, in the car window broken, car owners are swapping glass, to check the seal without damage. After repair due to the window often do not back to its original shape, so in addition to guarantee makes it easy to pull or lift trucks outside the window, and note also that the seal around the window glass. If the glass with glass Groove gap is uneven, rubber and glass, glass tank connection is bad, the owner can seal can easily be pulled off by hand.

6, when car owners to replace their vehicles, first put a layer of conductive pressing around the roof sealant, good welding and then launder and fold a coating of cement at the seams, which not only contribute to the body of the seal, but also prevent the body from flange weld corrosion of water early.

7, the sunroof is the most basic configuration of the family car. When the sunroof is open, rubber track is exposed to the air, inevitable accumulation of dust, even into the small gravel. Prolonged use may cause roof deformation due to wear, and plug the drainage hole. Regularly clean up the track, rail lubricate is very important. Automotive rubber seal is the body within the Widget, but it ensures that switching doors sound heavy, also make the car shelter, dust-proof, heat insulation, sound insulation, Windows and doors from the edges to the decorative effect of the handover. When the body when subjected to vibration and distortion, seals also play a role in cushioning, shock absorption, protection glass. Therefore, the car is no small matter, any one aspect should not be overlooked.