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Cotton Insulation Characteristics And Main Applications

Sep 19, 2016

Market main engine heat insulation cotton cotton cotton-cotton, hood insulation, solar heat, air conditioning, insulation cotton, and so on.

In most common automotive insulation cotton, for example. Simple to elaborate car insulation cotton function and use method of automobile thermal insulation cotton.


Thermal insulation cotton is mainly the effect of insulation wool products, it has a high temperature resistant, nonflammable, low thermal conductivity, the products are made of fiber glass, elaborate production of new materials.


1, the product can effectively prevent resonance and prevention of high temperature paint color changing effect.

2, the correct use of heat-insulated foam can prevent rain steam rising.

3, the product absorbs the fan blows away the PuTTY can be wiped periodically, easy to maintain and clean.

4, if the northern winter outdoor parking within two hours, insulating wool can play a very good thermal insulation effect and avoid the cover damaged.

5, insulation cotton does not affect heat dissipation, heat fan discharge cover alone may better guide class.

Use method

While automotive insulation cotton with sound insulation characteristics of cotton with some insulated noise reduction function, product UL-94 V0, SGS certification and FM certification, through the NF16-101,MT113, DIN, ASTM, SAS,DNV and other international standards for testing.

And are easy to install, wipe clean prior to installation you will need to install some, and automotive soundproofing materials in accordance with the desired installation location clip is completed, finally tear kraft paper stick better.