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Characteristics Of EPDM Sealing Strip

Sep 08, 2017

Characteristics  of  EPDM  sealing strip


1.EPDM sealing strip has excellent weather resistance, weather resistance refers to the ability of long-term anti cold, hot, dry, wet, rain water erosion, and it has excellent resistance to corrosion resistance, It can prolong the service life of the rubber strip.

2. Heat aging, refers to a strong heat aging air. EPDM sealing strip Can be used under 100-120 DEG C for long, also keeping effectively in a long period at 140-150 DEG.C, a short period of time can be resistant to high temperature of 230-260 DEG C. When the city building a sudden accident, it can play a role with the use of delay; because special formula, EPDM feel similar at -50 DEG C to 150 DEG C, the production site installation created  high efficiency performance


3, Because EPDM has excellent resistance to ozone, also known as "crack free rubber", especially in different atmospheric index, fully exposed in the air of the city building, it show the superiority of its products completely.

4, Anti ultraviolet radiation, it provides a role for high-rise building tenants to protect the environment; Resistant to 60~150KV voltage, corona resistance, cracking resistance, electric arc resistance is also very good. Low temperature elasticity, tensile capacity reached 100MPa when the temperature is -58.8 degrees centigrade.

5, Due to  EPDM has excellent physical and mechanical properties, it is often used in the manufacture of aircraft, car, train, bus, ship, high and low voltage switch cabinet, glass curtain wall, Aluminum Alloy heat insulation window sealing parts and diving products, high pressure steam hose, tunnel, viaduct joints waterproof parts and other industrial and agricultural seal part.

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