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Characteristics And Application Fields Of Rubber-plastic Foamed Tape

Dec 30, 2018

        Rubber-plastic foamed cotton has low density, excellent elasticity and flexibility, and good shock absorption, sound insulation and heat insulation performance. Rubber-plastic foam is widely used in sealing, shock absorption, muffling, insulation, clothing, shoes, household appliances, printing and dyeing, fitness equipment and ion exchange and many other aspects. For example, windshield strips, cushion pads, sealing gaskets for construction projects, insulation materials for weak current components, shock absorbers, simple diving suits and shoes and other products. Vulcanized rubber with spongy porous structure. There are opening, closing, mixing and microporous. It can be made into soft rubber or hard rubber products.

  The characteristics of rubber-plastic foam cotton are light weight, soft, elastic and difficult to heat transfer. It has the functions of shock proof, shock mitigation, heat insulation and sound insulation.

  The main application fields of rubber-plastic foamed cotton are as follows:

  1. Packaging materials (cushioning materials for transport, protective cushioning materials for small electrical appliances, etc. for precision machinery, medical appliances, furniture, glass, etc.)

  2. Civil and building (door and window sealing materials for residential buildings, filling materials for various civil buildings, etc.)

  3. Vehicles and ships (door sealing materials, pipeline sealing materials, lamp sealing materials, engine shock-proof materials, cushioning and sealing materials for instruments, etc.)

  4. Insulation and heat preservation (insulation and sealing materials for air conditioners, refrigerators and refrigerators, etc.)

  5. Sound-proof and moisture-proof (noise-proof sealing materials for various mechanical equipment, sealing materials for residential sound-proof walls, water-proof and moisture-proof sealing materials for various electrical appliances, moisture-proof sealing materials for various mechanical equipment, etc.).