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Caulk Strip With No Fading, No Mildew, Wear Resistance

Oct 31, 2017

The details of the tiles determine the perfection of the tiles, the time of caulking, the material of the caulk, the method of handling the joints, and so on can not be ignored.

01 Caulk Strip the attention time

Tiles in the paving after the completion of 24 hours before they can be filled. This is because after the tile paving is not enough solid, in case of inadvertently, may lead to the movement of tiles and so on. In addition, premature filling, sealing agent is also easy to return to alkali. In view of the tiling construction in the pre-decoration, easy to dirty, so may wish Caulk Strip on the final finish. Of course, before the caulking, the need to tile the gap inside the debris to clean up the debris.

02 Select the sealing material

Commonly used caulking materials are: white cement, putty powder, sealant, the United States and agents, and so on. These materials, white cement and putty powder is the traditional caulking material, the use of these two materials filling, a short period of time the effect is acceptable, but over time there will be shedding, cracks and so on. Moreover, the white cement and putty powder waterproof performance is poor, long-term in a damp environment, brick easily black, mildew.

Tile special sealant used in home decoration more and more. Sealant is designed for tiles Caulk Strip the design of the material, it has not faded, not mildew, anti-cracking, no powder, wear and other advantages. Some waterproof sealant water absorption is low, but also has a good hydrophobic function, suitable for use in kitchen and other humid environments. Currently on the market there are US sewing agent, real porcelain, Liang sewing agent and other products, according to the actual needs to choose.

Sealing agent on the one hand is Caulk Strip the gap in the tile, on the other hand is to play the effect of decorative landscaping. In the choice of color of the sealant, there are two main color rules. The first is close to the color rules, that is, choose the color and color similar to the tile, such as beige tiles with milk white sealant; the second is the contrast mode, that is, choose a strong contrast with the color of the tile color, such as black tiles with pure White caulking agent.

03 Caulk Strip the process to do bit

Different tiles, the respective filling process is also slightly different. In general, for tile tiles like brick tiles with high smoothness, the use of rubber scraper large area approved scraping, filling compaction can be. For antique tiles and other surface is more rough tiles, if still a large area of scraping, brick surface residue is easy to remove the sealant and easy to clear, so more suitable for use "feed seam" construction.