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Beginning Of Autumn, What Means To You

Aug 31, 2017

Beginning of autumn, what means to you

Proverb says the beginning of autumn years, suddenly busy day to Time flies like a shuttle.Again and again, the golden autumn is harvest day. The Gregorian calendar year 7th August or 8th August is as the beginning of autumn. Autumn is the twenty-four solar term No. thirteenth solar term, is the first solar term in autumn, marking the official start of the season meng.


It doesn't really mean the beginning of autumn. It is still hot weather can't even feel the fall a little bit of coolness. But we are reminded that the beginning of autumn this year, a half year has quietly past, how much you completed your job target completion? And what's the next plan? What have you learned in the past six months? How much appreciation for themselves?


Autumn seems to have nothing to do with us, but SENKEN district office door beam of "respecting knowledge and to cherish the time" 16 characters was told SENKEN official: time never slow down for any one person, and do not have to remind to enhance the value of learning time is precious. Only to the beginning of autumn season, this tradition makes people see light suddenly, it is time to look back the past half years at the road.


Autumn means that half the time passed, but SENKEN people do not relax, to cultivate the core competitiveness of the workplace. At 18:00 every evening, SENKEN Works brings a pen, a book, a heart for knowledge, a passion for self promotion to learn five major subjects: vocational skills, management foundation, product knowledge, marketing, corporate culture, focusing on training practical talents. Year after year, last year the beginning of autumn is gone, day in and day out, and this year the beginning of autumn, in the autumn harvest season, SENKEI people through the continuous accumulation of experience learning knowledge, also have the harvest. Choose your self, continuous learning, value-added efforts towards the goal in the struggle of the age, then in the next year, the year after the beginning of autumn every autumn, you can see your progress, but also to prove their value! Several years after the beginning of autumn looking back today, you will be grateful to have fought so hard for you.