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Application Of Dustproof Brush On Wooden Door And Window

Sep 04, 2017

        Application of dustproof brush on wooden door and window

Dust brush can be used in the treatment of doors and windows’ surface. The elegant wooden doors and windows appearance, as long as the wood good, wood color uniform, the first birch shoulder and other parts of the waste glue and other debris, with chisel and other things close to the plane will clear the individual outcrop Yin xylem nail, and then use 100 -120 package cloth wood rot to repeat the force along the matter the surface is very smooth and smooth, the edge grinding to cut the hand can not. After these things have been done, use the brush together gray knife, the surface will float at the end of the dead corner and nail eye at the end of the product, and thoroughly clean it.

But in order to ensure the quality of the high quality wood varnish finish, bleaching is usually required. The appearance of the essentials are clean and polished with emery cloth debris, with a broad brush dipped in bleaching solution, with brush wood face several times, so that the analysis of wood pigment to whitening, then with 2% concentration of soap and water or dilute hydrochloric acid solution washing repeated at the end of the wash with water, dry water.