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Adhesive Silicone Foam With The Traditional Seal What Performance Difference

Sep 04, 2017

                                            Adhesive silicone foam with the traditional seal what performance difference

        Silicone foam strip is a kind of sealing strip which uses the characteristics of some materials to be processed to make pores appear inside. Divided into three EPDM foam weather strip, silicone rubber weather stripping,3m silicone weather strip. Foam sealing strip selects the microwave vulcanization skill to form once, the surface is smooth and beautiful, has no trace. It has outstanding elasticity and resistance to deformation, and it has excellent aging resistance. Excellent flame retardant function, low smoke, low toxicity, stable product function, high dimensional accuracy.

Silicone adhesive weather strip

Difference of adhesive silicone foam and traditional sealing performance are as follows;

1) Using advanced thermoplastic rubber (TPE) or chloroprene rubber and CSM polyethylene compounded;

2) Anti ozone characteristics, Anti ultraviolet optical rotation function, Chemical resistance is good, the use of temperature is wide scale (-60 to 135 degrees Celsius);

3) Has strong anti tear resistance& tensile function, temperature in amplitude between 10 degree-150 degree by bending over hundreds of million will not split;

4) After tightening, it can rehabilitation original appearance quickly, even in harsh environment it also can keep its original tenacity;

5) environmental rubber and plastic composite rubber, non-toxic, environmental protection, pollution-free.

Because of the use of waste material, substitute plasticizer and high filling capacity, the traditional sealing strip has the features of poor elasticity of the rubber strip, easy to hard, nose odor, easy dropped off, make the frame yellow and short service life. The traditional sealing strips contain halogen and heavy metals in the stabilizing agent, so it is not conducive to environmental protection. Therefore developed , foreign countries and domestic rubber products manufacturers in Beijing and coastal cities have selected or bound the traditional sealing strip.