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Why so many users have selected thermoplastic EPDM sealing strip?

Sep 19, 2016

Thermoplastic EPDM sealing strip, there are many luxury cars are now also uses this type of EPDM seals, then it in actual use, also has the kind of performance?

Scalability comparison of shaking it in the first place, this 10-key, only up to this point, to make myself use when maintained a good performance, but can also be used for a long time in the deformation will not be achieved.

Another point is that it does not absorb water, so it is a substitute for traditional asphalt materials, or precisely because of its impermeability, so not letting water under pressure, do not form soaked, then there is it on the material as a whole more environmentally friendly, does not cause any harm to humans. While on the construction are very simple, no complicated processes, and this is an EPDM sealing strip must have.

And this ternary b c sealed article in design above, often also are more of advanced, it has independent of bubble structure, such also on can let it formed has is good of sealed combined rate, all of bubble also are reached has uniform of distribution, can up to is good of expansion contraction of performance, also is because this is, so eventually it can reached using in the not flowing not deformation not cracking and so on of superiority can, it in using of contact material above except plane zhiwai, cannot and many not flat of material for combined.