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What problems may be encountered in the processing of flame retardant TPE

Dec 15, 2018

  The surface of wire rod is not smooth

  TPE wire processing often occurs, generally due to the temperature is not well regulated and flame retardant mixing is not uniform, it may also be caused by the incorrect selection of the model, of course, with the material formula also has a great relationship. Experienced manufacturers will eliminate equipment problems, after repeated debugging can also find the right temperature, but the selection of appropriate materials, and specific formula requires engineers to be careful. Suggestions to communicate with raw material suppliers, know the physical properties of materials and processing considerations, select the right materials, will achieve twice the result with half the effort!

  Surface precipitation of wire rod

  Specific precipitation performance is as follows: surface whitening, oil or foggy. In terms of current technology, this problem has not yet been solved. It is suggested that customers should choose materials with slightly whitening surface when choosing them. Such precipitation will not affect their physical and electrical properties. Do not use oily materials on the surface. They are easy to peel off and peel off in use. In addition, precipitation can also be weighted. The precipitation of good materials is slight, and it is not easy to occur in the short term, even if it happens with a gentle hand wipe.

  Surface whitening and peeling

  Scraping is caused by the addition of PP and PE in the material, which can be improved. There are also some manufacturers that do not include blank products, but TPE is more difficult than TPU. If peeling and glue dropping, the level is very general. What we want to say here is the formula! The process! uuuuuuuuuu

  Processing difficulty

  Elastomers are processed slowly, about 50% slower than PVC. If the temperature is not well adjusted, a lot of material will be wasted when adjusting the machine, and the machine will be washed before making the material, so the waste is not small. These are inevitable. Sometimes in production, there will be normal production in the front section and problems in the later processing. It should be noted that the sub-licensing materials are risky and should be used with caution.

  Flame-retardant TPE/TPU plastics is a very unique material, TPE/TPU flame-retardant problems still need more work in material selection, formulation and process. Generally speaking, it is suggested that liquid flame retardant should be selected to reduce hardness, increase flame retardancy and reduce powder flame retardant dosage, so as to improve product transparency, improve compatibility between flame retardant and base material, improve precipitation and greatly improve mechanical properties, and adopt special screw distribution to improve the dispersion of flame retardant in the system, improve flame retardant efficiency and improve appearance. A new type of organosilicon flame retardant was used to form pyrolytic carbon layer with strong oxidation resistance and improve the flame retardant efficiency.