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What kinds of sealing strips should be paid attention to in the installation of push-pull window sealing strips

Jan 19, 2019

  The greatest function of doors and windows is to avoid the erosion of rain and wind, but whether these performances are good or not often depends on the quality of the sealing strip. What materials do the sliding window seals have? Today, we will take a look at the sliding window seals through the introduction of the relevant content below.

  Material of Sealing Strip for Push-pull Window

  The most common material of sliding window sealing strip can be divided into two categories: rubber strip and wool strip. The wool strip is suitable for all kinds of door and window products, as the whole frame and the sealing connection between doors and windows, but the rubber strip is only suitable for the sealing between glass and doors and windows. Therefore, the sliding window is mostly sealed by rubber strip, leaving special slots inside the window for easy access. The sealing treatment of the rubber strip will also tighten the window glass and frame to ensure the service life of push-pull windows.

  Cautions for Installation of Sealing Strip

  1. The installation of sealant strip is relatively simple. There are some grooves in the doors and windows. The sealant strip is installed directly according to the corresponding position. However, it should be noted that the installation should ensure the smoothness of the rubber strip, not bending deformation, otherwise it is easy to cause poor sealing effect. In addition, the tape joint should not exceed one millimeter, and the product type should also match the slot holes of doors and windows, so as to avoid the tape being too big to press in. If the sealant strip is too small, it is easy to cause slot holes to exist cracks, resulting in door and window not tight. In the selection of materials, we should adopt high quality, green and environmentally friendly rubber strip products.

  2. The wool is mostly installed on the doors and windows or around the frame, thus increasing the sealing effect between the frame and the doors and windows, but the size of the wool should not be too large or too high, so it is more troublesome to install, but also inconvenient to use, so that push-pull doors and windows open and close. If the size of wool is too small, it is easy to cause grooving problem, which greatly reduces the sealing effect of doors and windows. When choosing and purchasing, it is necessary to see whether the material has been treated by silicification, whether the surface is smooth or not, and whether it feels smooth or not. Excellent wool is not easy to drop, no bubbles, high bonding.

  3. Rubber seals should not be installed with excessive tension. Standardized installation should be carried out strictly according to the location. Rubber seals should be vertical and horizontal, with flat surface and no bending. For window installation, the rubber strip should be closely adhered to the glass, but in terms of force, it should be uniform and consistent. The corners also need to be treated with slopes, and then glue construction to make the doors and windows more durable.

  As for the sealing strip of push-pull window, I'll introduce it here for the time being. I hope it will be helpful to you. Although the sealing strip is very small, it plays a very important role. Excellent sealing strip can effectively prevent the baptism of rain and wind.