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Waterproof Material Choice: Which is better, waterproof roll and waterproof paint?

Dec 15, 2018

  Waterproofing is a very necessary construction step, which can play a waterproof, moisture-proof problem. Waterproofing can not be neglected in all kinds of construction. Waterproof materials mainly include waterproof rolls and waterproof coatings. Next, the advantages and disadvantages of these two waterproof materials are introduced in detail.

  Advantages contrast

  1. Waterproof membrane

  It is convenient to construct, short construction period, no need to maintain after forming, not affected by air temperature, little environmental pollution, easy to master the thickness of the layer according to the design requirements, accurate calculation of materials, convenient management of the construction site, not easy to Jerry work and reduce materials, uniform thickness, and can effectively overcome the stress of the base when emptying.

  2. Waterproof Coatings

  Any complex base can be made into a continuous integral waterproof layer; the equipment is simple, and the construction technology is easy to master. The coating waterproof layer and the base layer have 100% bonding surface (except for cracks, joints and other parts using reinforced layer empty laying method). The leakage of waterproof coatings in service life is mostly caused by the crack width of base course exceeding the extensibility of waterproof coatings. The causes of leakage and the parts where the leakage occurs are easy to find. The maintenance is very convenient, as long as a small amount of waterproof material is used to repair the cracks and damaged parts. High quality waterproof coatings can be successful in waterproofing the backwater surface. Some waterproof coatings can be constructed on wet base and form waterproof layer.

  Comparison of shortcomings

  1. Waterproof membrane

  According to the shape of waterproof base, it is necessary to measure the body of clothes. For the base with complex shape, it is difficult to splice several pieces together. The absolute sealing will become the main problem and the hidden danger of water leakage is the biggest. The protection and maintenance of waterproof membrane after construction are also difficult problems. The penetrating damage of any part, degumming and glue leakage (even if it is only one). In one place, the waterproofing function of the whole layer connected with it will all be lost. If the damaged and defective parts can not be found, local repair is impossible, then only redo waterproofing.

  2. Waterproof Coatings

  Coatings need a certain time of physical and chemical reaction to consolidate before they can form a waterproof layer; some waterproof coatings in the curing process produce harmful gas release, harmful to human body. Some waterproof coatings need to be painted many times to complete a waterproof layer, each time has a certain interval, so the final completion of the waterproof layer will take a long time; in the construction process of waterproof coatings, site management is very important, jerry-building, rough construction will be able to take advantage of the negligence of management; the thickness of waterproof coatings is based on the number of times of coating during construction. In addition to the number of times of coating, the solid content of the coating itself is the determinant of film thickness.