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Vulcanized EPDM sealing strip with the kind of technology

Sep 19, 2016

In sealed article in the, also has a sulfide article of phenomenon, and like such of ternary b c sealed article often in using of when, can up to is good of sealed performance, is said it sealed of performance good, is in whole process in the, using has a poses of sulfide process, that is it in using of when, often also are is it of using, eventually to for length for truncated, and also for for sulfide, eventually can let it reached is good of combined sex.

Again has a is coherent sulfide method, it in whole sealed article of using process in the, more get has perfect, and it in whole sulfide of process in the, and can is divided into several different of sulfide method, like salt bath, and hot air and so on, but relative for, this in using of when, must to reached professional of skills, only friends has such, to get better of effect, like microwave method, on must to reached professional of technology.

Because it in using of when, often not only for rubber article has is good of effect, while also can adapted ternary b c sealed article of using, addition of high temperature sulfide and so on also are must to reached professional technology, must to reached soon of speed and flat try, if cannot reached this is, often also will appeared sealed of performance bad, or outside enough beautiful and so on phenomenon appeared, and if himself in bad of operation zhixia, not appeared pollution of phenomenon.