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EPDM sealing strip Curing method

Nov 17, 2018

  (1) Discontinuous vulcanization of EPDM seal strip (vulcanizate containing rubber semi-finished product model extruded in a high-pressure autoclave with tape cut length after extrusion);

  2) Continuous vulcanization (microwave continuous vulcanization and salt bath continuous vulcanization, continuous hot air vulcanization and other methods).

  A. Microwave continuous vulcanization compound sealant strip: Microwave continuous vulcanization production process includes metal core, dense rubber and extruded foam plastic materials and energy, improving efficiency, continuous vulcanization equipment is better than other. Technology has squeezed products to produce the best way in the world. Microwave heating is the characteristic of the heated object. It is a little like conventional input from the outside, not only heating and distribution, but also shortening the time needed for heating by improving product quality.

  B. Continuous solidification sealed salt bath: bath salt bath containing sulfide nitrite system, greater environmental pollution, gradually eliminated.

  C. Hot air vulcanization seal: hot air vulcanization vulcanization has developed into a strong wind, high temperature, can achieve high speed and hot air vulcanization (Vmax: 60 m/s and Tmax: 450 degree c), the use of pre-treatment effect, while greatly improving safety.