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Three main characteristics of the three ethylene propylene sealing strip

Nov 21, 2018

  Many people do not know enough about the product of three yuan ethylene propylene seal, but do not know the characteristics and advantages of the product. In fact, there are many places in our life are inseparable from this product, because its use effect is very good, friends who do not know can come with me to see the characteristics of EPDM seals bar.

  First, weatherability.

  The weatherability of the product is very good. It can be used in cold and hot environment for a long time, as well as in dry and humid environment. It also has good corrosion resistance. These advantages can make the service life of the product longer.

  Second. Heat aging resistance

  Ethylene propylene diene trioxide (EPDM) seals are tested many times before production. From the experiments, it can be seen that the products can work continuously in high temperature environment without aging. Therefore, many enterprises use the products to improve work efficiency, so as to gain more profits.

  Third, ozone resistance

  The ozone resistance of the product is very good, it can be completely exposed to the air to work, so that the superiority of the product is more prominent.

  The anti-ultraviolet radiation effect of EPDM sealing strip is also very good, and it has excellent physical and mechanical properties, so it is often used to manufacture aircraft, trains and automobiles. Through the understanding of the above content, I believe you all know the characteristics of three yuan ethylene propylene sealing strip.