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The Installation Skills of Self-adhesive Tops for Door and Window Top Manufacturers

Dec 20, 2018

  The Installation Skills of Self-adhesive Tops for Door and Window Top Manufacturers

  Wool strips are elastic strip or rod materials used in building door and window components, glass and bar, glass and frame fan, frame and fan, fan and fan, etc. What are the skills in installation?

  The installation of self-adhesive wool for doors and windows is also related to many aspects of the application of doors and windows after us, so there must be some installation skills when installing. Here let Xiaobian share with you the installation skills of self-adhesive wool for doors and windows, hoping to improve the installation skills for you.

  1. If it is necessary to carefully remove the debris in the groove before installing the glass, such as mortar, brick chips, wood blocks, etc., the glass should be positioned carefully to ensure that the gap between the two sides is uniform and fixed in time, so as to prevent collision and displacement and deviate from the center of the groove.

  2. Doors and windows self-adhesive wool can not be pulled too tight, cutting length is 20-30 mm longer than assembly length. Installation should be mosaic in place, flat surface, close contact with glass, glass grooves, so that the force around the glass is uniform. The self-adhesive wool at the corner should be cut off on an inclined plane, and the bond at the break should be firmly cemented.

  3. When fixing the glass with sealant filling, the glass should be squeezed with door and window strips or rubber blocks to leave the gaps for injection. The depth of injection should be no less than 5 mm. Before curing, the glass should be kept free from vibration.