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Specific usage method of door and window sealing strip

Dec 22, 2018

        If you want to know how to use the sealing wool for doors and windows, you must first understand where the wool wool will be used for doors and windows. Nowadays, doors and windows are made of plastic steel windows, broken bridges, aluminium and wood composite materials. There are also classifications of push-pull windows and flat-open windows. Generally, wool strips are used on doors and windows with push-pull doors or windows, which play the role of cushioning, shock absorption, sealing and heat preservation. Most of the flat windows now use leather strips, which act like wool strips. But the effect is better than wool.

  Know the specification of wool first. Before the specific operation, we should first understand the specifications of the wool. Although the push-pull doors and windows are basically similar, some doors and windows have different series and profile specifications. So before you do it, you need to know which kind of wool to use. The specifications of wool are 5*6, 5*7, 5*8, 5*9, 6*8, 9*9 and so on.

  Make sure that the top is used on sliding doors or windows. The top on the door should be made of silicified clip. The middle clip is made of double-layer plastic. The sealing performance is better. The top on the window can be made of ordinary or high-density wool.

  The wool strip is mounted around the door, window and fan or on the windshield block and slides up and down. There are grooves for threading at the corresponding positions of profiles. Measure the length of the wool first, and then insert the wool along the end of the groove. Note that the side with the wool is close to the outside.

  The position where the broken bridge aluminum push-pull window fan combines with the side seal, that is, the window frame, is to wear double hairs. Because broken bridge aluminium is made up of insulating strips connecting inside and outside, it is double-hairs when wearing wool strips. Choosing wool must be in accordance with the size of groove, too close, too small, easy to fall off.

  When wearing wool, the length of wool should be moderate, not too long, if it is too long, it will not push and pull smoothly. When wearing wool top, the wool top should be smooth and the outer velvet should be dense. The color of wool top should match the color of profile.

  The installation method of wool top is simple. As a door and window enterprise, there are special personnel responsible for wearing wool top. Only in this way can the next production be carried out. The main function of wool is to isolate indoor and outdoor air and keep warm. It can also protect the edges of doors and windows from impact and prolong the life of doors and windows.