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Silicone sealing strip application

Nov 15, 2018

  Silicone sealing strips have been widely used in the fields of electronic and electrical, lighting and chemical industry. It has many application characteristics and can be applied in many fields. Let us briefly understand the characteristics of its use. Introduction and application areas.

  First, application characteristics

  1. The sealing performance is very good, and the weather resistance possessed by itself is also very good.

  2. with anti-aging performance characteristics, can be applied to all kinds of smooth surface materials when pasting, it is very convenient to use, it will not fall off when used in high temperature environment.

  3. The environmental protection performance is very good and the insulation is very good. There are no bubbles and no pores on the surface, and the service life is very long.

  Second, the field of use

  There are many areas in which silicone seals can be used, such as the following:

  1. In transportation, the exhaust system shaft seal, spark plug and ignition wire of the car can be applied to it.

  2. used in radios, such as high-voltage caps in televisions and oscilloscopes.

  3. It is used in the sealing ring that contacts the gas.

  4. Application in electronic computers.

  5. There are many applications in the motor field.

  6. can also be used in instruments and meters, such as far infrared heater door seals, refrigerator defrost line and instrument shock absorbers.

  The above is about the characteristics of silicone sealing strips and some areas of use. It can be seen that the performance of this sealing strip is very good, and the field of use is also very extensive.