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Sealing strip classification

Nov 17, 2018

  Sealing strip has many functions and characteristics, such as good shock absorption, waterproof and heat insulation, etc. It has been applied in many fields, and there are many kinds of seals, which can meet the needs of users in different fields. Now let's look at the classification of seals. The introduction of the situation.

  1. Classify according to the shape of the cross section.

  Sealing strips can be classified according to the cross-section, which can be divided into solid core products, hollow products, metal composite products and so on. Solid cores have many different shapes, such as circular, square or flat section. Users need to pay special attention to the choice.

  2. Classification according to vulcanization.

  There are two clocks for discontinuous sulfurization and continuous sulfuration. Continuous vulcanization can also be divided into microwave continuous vulcanization composite seals, salt bath continuous vulcanization seals and hot air vulcanization seals. Different products face different fields when they are used.

  Sealing strips can be classified according to the above two aspects, but also according to the use and materials. When choosing seals, we also need to consider from our own aspects and choose the products that are most suitable for our own use.