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Reducing Energy Costs Using Weather Stripping

Nov 14, 2018

Reducing Energy Costs Using Weather Stripping
It can be very frustrating to have to pay astronomical heating and cooling costs during the winter and summer months. One of the reasons that the heating and air equipment in your home needs to utilize so much energy is because the air that is being heated or cooled is leaking through the gaps around your doors. Basically, you are wasting your energy because you are unable to control the airflow in your home.

Drafty houses are typically much more expensive to heat and cool. Many of the drafts that make it difficult to control the temperature in the house are located around the doors. According to Home Advisor, air leaks can account for as much as 30 to 40% of a house’s total heating and cooling losses.

That air leaks can cause more harm than simply increasing your energy costs every month. As warm air leaves your home during the winter and seeps into your house during the summer, it brings moisture into the house as water vapor. This moisture can make its way into your walls and insulation, causing considerable damage and potentially leading to mold and/or mildew.