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PVC sealing strip and PVC sealing strip can be used as automobile decorative strip and anti-scratching strip

Nov 24, 2018

  PVC sealing strip and PVC sealing edge strip can be used as automobile decorative strip and anti-scratch strip. Many Automobile decorative sealing strips are made of PVC sealing strips, most of which are U-shaped strips. The process is divided into strip and non-strip. Vehicle decoration strip and PVC seal strip are made of polyvinyl chloride material. In fact, white dots are made of hard plastic. There are many kinds of colors. They can be decorated according to the need for decoration. Therefore, they can be made into various colors.

  PVC sealing strip decorative strip is made of highly plastic PVC material. Its properties have good elasticity, compressive deformation resistance, aging resistance, ozone resistance and other chemical effects. Its temperature range is very wide, generally (- 40 ~120 ~C). U-shaped decorative sealing strip has the characteristics of strong weather resistance and never changing color. After scratching, it can be as bright as new only by gently polishing with fine sandpaper.

  Here are the main uses of PVC seals for readers:

  1. The body guard strip decoration used in automobiles increases the aesthetic feeling of the side of the body, tallies with the body radian highly, and is durable and durable.

  2. Provide effective protection to the body paint which is easy to bump when the door is switched.

  3. Suitable for all kinds of car decoration, sunshine and rain gear decoration and car body decoration anti-collision, etc.

  Other uses: car body window decoration, all kinds of box packaging decoration, motorcycle fuel tank and front baffle decoration, all kinds of household appliances decorative seals. All kinds of lighting decorative edges, furniture sealing edges, decorative strips, washing machines and refrigerators, air conditioning outlets and other electrical decorative sealing strips.