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Properties of materials for door and window seals

Dec 01, 2018

   For the rubber family, doors and windows seals are widely used in the construction, automotive and other industries. They are indispensable materials in many industries. They are important materials. Shockproof is their main role. They also play a very good role in protecting the edges of doors and frames. They are basically the materials that every door and window must be equipped with.

  Door and window seals are mainly used in plastic steel doors and windows, aluminum alloy doors and windows, wooden doors and windows, automatic revolving doors, curtain walls and other building decoration doors and windows and garage doors, rolling shutters, cold storage doors, grain depot doors and other industrial doors.

  Door and window seals are usually extruded from PVC, modified PVC, EPDM, elastomer seals (including TPV, TPE, TPR, SEBS), silica gel and other materials. They have excellent weatherability and corrosion resistance. Sealing strips are generally used to open doors and windows, hang windows, fold doors and windows, and their main functions are dust prevention, insect prevention, waterproof, sound insulation, etc. Sealing and so on, the product surface is smooth, also plays the function of beautiful decoration.

  Sealing strips of doors and windows play a key role in wooden doors, mobile doors, sliding doors and other doors and windows. The most obvious one is the shock-proof, which reduces (or even disappears) the collision sound when closing the door (window), protects the edge of the door, prolongs the life of the door and reduces the noise. Secondly, it is sealed, shock absorption, isolation of indoor and outdoor air, which effectively plays a role of heat preservation and energy saving, and will prevent small insects such as mosquitoes from drilling into the indoor. It has been widely used in families, hotels, hospitals, business buildings, clean engineering, large shopping malls and other fields. Self-adhesive door and window seals are made of EPDM foam and vulcanization. They are soft, elastic and have outstanding aging resistance. They are backed with grid fiber double-sided tape. They are easy to stick and do not stretch when used. They are good choices for door and window seals.