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Production Process Of Silicone Strip

Dec 01, 2018

       Silica gel products are closely related to us. Silica gel products are very common in our life. But do you know the raw materials of silica gel products and the production process of silica gel products? Next, let's introduce it to you.

  History of silica gel

  In the silica gel and rubber industry, all our raw materials are rubber trees. In the early 18th century, rubber trees grew in the Amazon jungle. After years of rubber use, almost all over the world.

  Geographical Distribution of Silica Gel

  Rubber planting area is mainly distributed in Hainan, Guangdong, Guangxi, Fujian, Yunnan and other places.

  Production Principle of Silica Gel

  Rubber trees are non-polluting and renewable natural resources, so our raw materials come from rubber trees. People sell rubber raw materials to manufacturers and process them as silicone rubber (transparent solid) raw materials.

  1. Silica gel and rubber are the main raw materials.

  2. With methyl vinyl silicone rubber as base rubber, various reinforcing agents, heat-resistant agents, modifiers and so on were added.

  3. It is made by mixing, thinning, filtration, sulfur addition, moulding, extrusion and bonding.

  Of course, if the manufacturer of silica gel products passes the quality standard, it can effectively prevent the emergence of various adverse conditions, thus producing high-quality silica gel products.