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Performance and Application of TPE

Jan 05, 2019

  Performance and Application of TPE

  TPE has not only the ozone resistance and weather aging resistance of PVC, but also the crosslinkability of NBR (nitrile butadiene rubber). It also improves the tensile strength, elongation stress, tear resistance, heat resistance and flame resistance. It also has comprehensive properties such as oil resistance, fuel resistance, chemical resistance and easy coloring. And the main material of PVC is abundant in resources and low in price, so it has been widely used in many fields.


  1. Wire and Cable

  TPE can be used in cable industry, even in the special cable, submarine cable and other fields, it can also compete with TPU and TPV.

  2. Hose

  TPE can be used as hose material, especially oil resistant hose and gas hose. Direct extrusion moulding, fast speed, small expansion rate, smooth and bright product surface, good stiffness of tube billet, easy to control size. The product has been tested and used by customers, and generally reflects well.

  3. Shoe sole

  TPE, like TPU, is the latest generation of soles. It not only has excellent oil resistance, solvent resistance, flexural crack resistance and wear resistance, but also is cheaper than TPU. It has become a sole material with high performance-price ratio.

  In addition, TPE can also be used in the production of foam plastics, protective coatings, flame retardant conveyor belts, various profiles, soft-hard combination of decoration and high-end decorative strips.