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Overview of the three excellent characteristics of silicone sealing strips

Nov 15, 2018

  Silicone sealing strips are used in a wide range of applications, not only in the automotive and door and window industries, but also in many industries such as refrigerators and containers. They can be customized according to the needs of the industry, so the process of selling this product is In, we can quickly get everyone's approval, which is inseparable from the characteristics of the product. Let's take a look at the characteristics of the silicone sealing strip.

  1.the product has good sealing performance, high temperature resistance and weather resistance, and it can also resist aging and anti-strike. The anti-vibration effect and waterproof effect of the product are very ideal and can be used on various materials.

  2.the viscosity of the product is very high, so it has a good sealing property, can be used for a long time in a high temperature environment, and does not appear to fall off, has very good environmental protection and safety effects, product insulation Performance is also good.

  3.the surface of the product is not only very flat, but also has good ventilation performance, so the products have been applied in many fields such as electric and electric lighting and lighting, as well as pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

  The above content details the characteristics of the silicone sealing strip. We can find out that this kind of product not only has many kinds of colors, but also different specifications. It can be customized according to the needs of everyone, so as to meet each Kind of crowd.