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Maintaining Your Weather Stripping Over Time

Nov 19, 2018

Maintaining Your Weather Stripping Over Time
There are many signs that might indicate it is time to repair or replace your weather stripping. These include:

Noticeable drafts in areas close to your doorways
Difficulty controlling the temperature in the house
Increasing energy costs
Moisture in the walls or insulation
The stripping around your door is subject to a lot of wear and tear as the door is opened and closed every day. It may be necessary to replace sections of your weather stripping, or the entire strip, if damage has occurred. It is best to inspect your doors at least once a year in order to identify these problems before they become costly issues.

A simple way to check for leaks in your weather stripping is to carefully and safely hold a lit candle or lighter an inch or two away from the stripping, moving it slowly around the perimeter of the door. If the flame moves, there is airflow, and it is time to make some weatherization improvements.