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Installation method of waterproof strip in shower room

Jan 19, 2019

  Everyone wants to design the bathroom as a dry-wet separation, so when using it, there will be no wet shower everywhere. We know that to design a dry-wet separation must be the shower room, and the waterproof function of the shower room is the rubber strip. The following edition will introduce to you the installation method of the Waterproof Tape in shower room and the function of the strip in shower room.

  Introduction to Installation Method of Waterproof Tape in Shower Room

  1. When laying floor tiles, a groove is usually set aside. At this time, it can be paved with cement mortar. At this time, a marble shower waterproof strip is put in. The shape of the shower waterproof strip is built with bricks, and then the floor tiles or marble sheets are laid. When laying floor tiles, the shower room waterproof strip is embedded in the floor tiles. Then its skirt edge is just a few millimeters higher than the outside of the waterproof strip of the shower room. This kind of waterproof strip of the shower room is actually used to make a stone foundation under the shower room with glass. The glass is placed in the middle of the waterproof strip of the shower room, and the skirt edge is also used to prevent water from seeping into the waterproof strip of the shower room from under the glass.

  2. The waterproof strip of shower room used for matching shower curtain, then measure the installation height when installing, so as to make the shower curtain droop naturally, drop into the waterproof strip of shower room about three centimeters, only to achieve this is the best installation effect, and after installation, water will not splash at all. For example, the biggest disadvantage with skirt is that if there is no glass pressure on the waterproof strip of shower room, because the force inside and outside the waterproof strip of shower room is not uniform, then a long time may cause the following glass glue loosening phenomenon.

  What's the function of shower room tape?

  1. Adhesive tape is an indispensable part of shower room. We should know that its main function is to protect glass, but also to prevent glass collision and self-explosion and waterproof effect. Now the material of adhesives on the market is mainly divided into PVC, EVA and so on. Because of their different properties, they can also be said to have different roles. The quality of adhesive tape mainly depends on the quality of raw materials and the control of processing time. At present, the best adhesive tape on the domestic market is EVA adhesive tape, because its performance will not change because of its climate change. Whether it's hot summer or cold winter, it can keep the performance unchanged.

  2. In the shower room, different positions of the tape have different effects, such as organ tape, dislocation tape, waterproof tape, etc. Waterproof adhesive tape is generally located in the place of measuring materials and bottom rails, its tensile properties are good, and it also has compressive properties, to ensure that the walls and stone beds and the perfect match with glass, so that it can be achieved without glass glue can also be waterproof, both beautiful and environmentally friendly.

  3. In the market, some low-grade shower rooms do not have a good design for the treatment of water-retaining tape at the bottom of the door. In addition, quite a number of shower room manufacturers design flat doors with spring hinges. The hinge parts need to be treated by cutting tape. This may cause the tape from top to bottom is not a whole, and the leakage of the hinge parts is serious. This is the case.

  Summary: About the installation method of shower room waterproof strip and the function of shower room adhesive strip, the function of shower room waterproof strip is really not small, so it can not be treated carelessly in installation, it must be installed in the right place, so as to achieve the desired effect.