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How to seal in a high temperature environment?

Sep 19, 2016

Our daily living environment with high requirements, especially for window glass is more demanding. In addition to bright and spacious, also has good sound-proof, dust-proof function. Because none of us likes to go to bed when heard a loud noise outside. More reluctant to windy weather, blowing dust in the room, if this is really the case, I think it's a terrible thing. But all this will not happen again, because of the high temperature sealing strips.

High temperature sealing strips as the name suggests has a very good temperature resistance characteristics, its choice of material is very good. Silicone, EPDM, etc. These materials can seal has better high temperature characteristics, also has good flexibility and compressibility. High temperature sealing strips are not only used in home environments of glass, also used for door door door, side Windows, front and rear windscreen and other places.

High temperature sealing strips on cross section shape of high requirements, classification of d-shaped and v-shaped, l-shaped, t-shaped, round, these different shapes, can meet the needs of different areas of use. No matter what kind of shape, high temperature sealing strips can satisfy the application. And its resistance to high temperatures is no pick, in the lingxiawushidu to 120 degrees, it can maintain a good seal. Isn't it tough, it has such a high temperature resistance, so is widely used in the field.

Products are nontoxic, anti aging, environmental protection, high temperature resistance, chemical resistance, and so on. Long-term use of high temperature sealing strips without fear that it will deform and crack, its elasticity is very good, you can rest assured that use. If you want to have a better living environment, but do not know what kind of seals to choose, and then select it. With it, you take away the worry about all living off, put you at ease with good living conditions.