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How to properly use the seal?

Sep 19, 2016

Seal is a regular use of the product, which is produced according to special techniques and special material made of. Seal's role is to play the role of seals, which will Effective protection of property, is one of the many products indispensable part that To say the lack of not, and played a very important role, and we cannot afford to ignore.

Using the above, many of the problems is the need to get our attention, install rubber Seal, you can spray a little SOAP and water, this method allows you to install more Convenient and usual maintenance it is best to avoid exposure to direct sunlight, and it is In a cool place, so that it can make more performance of the rubber seal, period for use:Limit can be extended.

Automotive sealing is something that can often be used in the car, using the best Is to use a good quality product, so you can use long, although there There are many brands to choose from, but you have to choose according to your situation,Because different cars are suitable for different kinds of seal strips, so select the top more Compare how to use the seal, is worthy of our attention, we also need to keep in mind, in particular,It is inside the hot season, in a cool place below as much as possible, avoid exposure.