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How to judge how long EPDM rubber strip is used

Dec 08, 2018

    Investigate whether there are cracks in the sun. Because EPDM has excellent ozone resistance and is also known as "crack-free rubber", it is especially used in various urban buildings with different atmospheric indices and thoroughly exposed to the air, which will show the superiority of its products.

      1.look at its color.

  Watching, that is, carefully investigating the color of rubber body, many fake products because of the selection of low-end, low-quality rubber, so the output of the sphere color is often particularly dim, in order to prevent experienced people from seeing through at a glance. Most of them polish their shoes with black shoe polish before they leave the factory to make them look bright and black. But the real EPDM rubber produced by the rubber joint, pure color, slightly dark color. It's not very bright or dark.

  2. The smell of EPDM rubber strips

  Taste is actually the best way to distinguish, because the rubber ingredients contain olefins, so rubber will have a normal people feel pungent odor. However, EPDM rubber strip is a polymer of ethylene and propylene, and it is a kind of material with high filling ratio. Therefore, EPDM rubber filled by vulcanization has no pungent taste of ordinary rubber, instead, it replaces an aromatic taste. So long as the user is attentive.