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How to Install Waterproof Tape in Shower Room

Jan 19, 2019

   Modern home decoration many friends will choose to wear shower room, both fashionable and convenient, but some netizens reflect: shower room with water seepage soon, what is this really about? A large part of this is due to improper installation of the water retaining strip in the shower room, resulting in seepage. So, how to install the water bar in the shower room? What should we pay attention to when installing? Now let's take a look with Xiaobian.

  How to Install the Water Barrier in the Shower Room

  There are several construction methods for the water retaining strip of shower room:

  1. When laying floor tiles, set aside a trough, after the cement mortar has been paved, put in the marble water retaining strip.

  2. Brick the shape of the water retaining strip, and then lay floor tiles or marble flakes.

  Installation steps: When laying floor tiles, the water retaining strip is embedded in the floor tiles. Some sellers boast about how good a skirt-edged water retainer is, in fact, misleading consumers. The skirt edge is only a few millimeters higher than the outer edge of the water retaining strip. This kind of water retaining strip is actually used to make a stone foundation under the shower room with glass. The glass is placed in the middle of the water retaining strip, and the skirt edge is used to prevent water from seeping into the water retaining strip under the glass. It is the best installation effect that matching the water retaining strip for the bath curtain, when installed, measure the installation height well, make the bath curtain droop naturally, drop into the water retaining strip about three centimeters, and after installation, the water will not splash at all. The biggest disadvantage of skirt is that if there is no glass pressure on the water retaining strip, the glass glue under the water retaining strip will be loosened due to the uneven high force inside and outside the water retaining strip.

  Supplementary: Some people like to install the water retaining strip standing up. It is not necessary. 1.8 cm is enough. If the water surface reaches 1.8 cm, the ground leakage has not been discharged, it is not the problem of water retaining strip, but the problem of ground leakage.

  Cautions for Installation of Water Bar in Shower Room

  1. Integral shower room

  First consider the size, faucet, sprinkler, flower sprinkler, circuit, telephone line reserved, to do the water and electricity when the shower room, need to carefully ask manufacturers before installation.

  2. Simple shower room

  First consider the size, faucet, sprinkler, sprinkler, circuit reserve, water retaining strip can be embedded before laying tile, so that water will not seep out for a long time, but the disadvantage is that maintenance and replacement is difficult. Can also not be buried, sealed, like water, but for a long time, after aging will not be sealed, seepage.

  Above about how to install the water retaining rod in shower room and the matters needing attention in installing the water retaining rod in shower room are briefly introduced here. I hope it will be helpful to you.