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How to Identify TPE Sealing Strip

Jan 05, 2019

  TPE(Thermoplastic Elastomer) is a thermoplastic elastomer material with high strength, high resilience, injection processing characteristics, wide range of applications, environmental protection, non-toxic and safe, and excellent coloring. Soft touch, weathering resistance, fatigue resistance and temperature resistance, excellent processing performance, no vulcanization, can be recycled to reduce costs. It can be used for secondary injection molding, coating and bonding with PP, PE, PC, PS, ABS and other matrix materials, but also can be formed separately.

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  Because TPE(Thermoplastic Elastomer) is a variety of substrates, aggregated, physical properties are also diverse, non-professional engineers how to identify TPE materials through simple methods, simple methods are as follows:

  1. Sticking:

  Because the oil absorption capacity of SBS is not as good as that of SEBS, TPR of SBS is usually easier to feel sticky than TPE of SEBS. Of course, some low molecular weight SEBS or its sub-cards are also prone to stickiness.

  2. Odor:

  Generally, TPR of SBS base material is bigger than that of SEBS base material, and generally good TPE can be tasteless.

  3. Gloss:

  Generally, TPR of SBS base material is more lustrous than TPE of SEBS base material. Of course, TPR of SEBS base material can also be lustrous and SBS base material can be matte, but also matte. TPE of SEBS base material feels more delicate.

  4. Burning:

  Typically, the TPR combustion of SBS base material has more smoke than that of TPE of SEBS base material, because SEBS is treated by SBS hydrogenation, which has high hydrogen content, no smoke and small taste.

  5. Processing temperature:

  Typically, TPR of SBS matrix can be processed at 160 C, while TPE of SEBS matrix needs to be processed at 180 C, depending on their molecular weight. If the molecular weight is high, the processing temperature will be higher.