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Foam weatherstripping

Nov 26, 2018

     Foam weatherstrippingOf the various foams and vinyl materials, EPDM (ethylene-propylene-diene-monomer) rubber weatherstripping is favored because it stays elastic and maintains its insulating qualities for many years, even when exposed to sub-zero temperatures.

High-density foam weatherstripping is also popular because of its durability—choose closed-cell foam weatherstripping for exterior use.

Compressible felt strips are the least durable option. They are best used only for warped windows that won’t accept more-rigid stripping or for windows that are not frequently opened. Compressible felt weatherstripping is generally best used only indoors because it rots quickly if it gets wet.

Application. Self-stick weatherstripping is very easy to use. With a solution of mild detergent, clean the surfaces where the strips will go. Then snip the weatherstripping to length with scissors. Peel off the backing, and press the strips in place.