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Do you want a waterproof strip in the kitchen? 99% of the households are wrong.

Dec 15, 2018

  Kitchen decoration, will often be asked: kitchen countertops do not want to do waterproof strip?

  Today, Heya in Shanghai is here to discuss with you.

  The kitchen countertop water retaining strip is divided into front water retaining strip and back water retaining strip (the back water retaining strip is on the other side of the wall). The design of the water retaining strip is mainly to prevent the water from splashing out from the sink, or to prevent the water from the kitchen countertop from seeping onto the wooden cabinet below, causing mildew.


  1. If the walls of your kitchen are not tiled, the back water retaining strip should be made to prevent water from splashing onto the walls, making the walls mildew.

  2. If you want to make waterproof strip, you'd better make it near the sink, and the waterproof strip should be higher.

  Above mentioned, is a theoretical concept, but in real life, in fact, the role of the water retaining strip can play, not necessarily very important.

  1. The kitchen countertop may not accumulate too much water: Do you choose shallow sinks in your family? If not, then basically the water splashed out from the sink does not seem to be much. When I cook, the countertop is more oil (lampblack machine does not work well), rather than water.

  2. Even if there is a lot of water, the height of the water retaining strip is not very high (mainly refers to the front water retaining strip), it will not work: the water retaining strip can not be very high, if it is clear water, I think it can also play a role, but if the porridge overflows, the porridge may not be dredged like water; in addition, if a bowl of water is spilled carelessly, I think, the bowl of water is still important. Flooding out (because the water is suddenly rushed over, rather than sprinkled calmly and evenly on the table).

  3. In fact, it doesn't matter if you don't make a water retaining strip. Because in reality, the water retaining strip is really useful, but it is not very useful, so there is no need to regret and chagrin.