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Do kitchen Countertops Need Waterproof Strip

Dec 15, 2018

  Is it necessary to make a Waterproof Strip on the counter top of your home cabinet? I believe that many people will ignore this point, only after the real comparison will have a personal experience.

  The Caulk Strip is generally divided into before and after two kinds, the front Waterproof Strip is to make a curved edge in the outer circle; Backstop Waterproof Strip is used fill mesa and ambry metope aperture, avoid water leakage effectively thereby go down.

  Before Caulk Strip is done with do not do, need to combine your home specific circumstance to look, if what your home installs is stage basin, although water is besmear outside splashy, you also do not have method to wipe its directly inside basin, do not want to do also not do; If the basin is under the stage, it is suggested that the front bar should be installed to prevent water stains from leaving on the ground.

  Backstop Waterproof Strip is to be used to fill the gap between mesa and metope, the proposal should be installed both on stage basin and under stage basin, lest water be soiled along seam and flow, corrode ambry thereby, affect its use life; If ambry hind does not stick ceramic tile, be affected with damp easily become moldy.

  To sum up, the Caulk Strip must be installed. If it is simply sealed with glass glue, it is prone to black in the later stage, and there is still water leakage. The front Caulk Strip can be set according to your own situation.