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Development status of rubber foam sealing strip industry

Nov 21, 2018

  The barbaric growth and vicious competition of rubber foam sealing strip enterprises have brought great negative impact to the rubber and plastic industry. Industry users and media began to question the actual effect of rubber foam seals, from the original advocacy to caution, market sales have slowed down in recent years, and even some regions have seen a decline in sales. While the domestic rubber foam seals enterprises are facing difficulties, the foreign rubber foam seals brand has entered the Chinese market in secret. Of course, although the market is in chaos, the domestic big brands are groping ahead and gradually find their own development direction. Foaming sealing strip is a kind of sealing strip that uses the characteristics of some data to make its internal air hole appear through processing. It is divided into three parts: ethylene propylene (EPDM) foaming sealing strip, silicone foam sealing strip and PU foaming sealing strip. The foam sealing strip is formed once by microwave vulcanization technology, the surface is clean and beautiful without any trace. It has excellent elasticity and anti shrinkage deformation, and has excellent aging resistance. Flame retardant function is excellent, low smoke and low toxicity, product function is stable, scale precision is high.

  Properties of rubber foam sealing strip:

  ★ The leading thermoplastic rubber Santoprene (TPE) or butadiene rubber and chlorinated sulfonated polyethylene were used together.

  ★ Ozone resistance, ultraviolet rotatory resistance, good chemical solvent resistance, wide application temperature range (- 60 ~135 ~C);

  ★ It has excellent tear resistance and tear resistance. It can not crack when applied between - 10 C and 150 C for millions of flexures.

  ★ After compression, the original shape can be quickly restored, and the original flexibility can be maintained even under harsh conditions.

  ★ Environmentally friendly rubber plastic composite rubber, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, pollution-free. Because EPDM sealant strip lacks polarity and has low unsaturation, it has good resistance to various polar chemicals such as alcohol, acid, alkali, oxidant, refrigerant, detergent, animal and vegetable oil, ketone and fat, but it has poor stability in aliphatic and aromatic solvents (such as gasoline, benzene, etc.) and mineral oil. In the long time effect of concentrated acid, function should also be reduced. In ISO/TO 7620, nearly 400 kinds of materials with corrosive gaseous and liquid chemicals were collected for the functional effects of various rubber, and the rules of grade 1-4 showed the degree of effect, and the effect of corrosive chemicals on rubber function.