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Detailed Explanation of the Advantages of Self-adhesive Sealing Tops for Aluminum Alloy Doors and Windows

Dec 20, 2018

  Top is one of the necessary accessories for aluminium alloy doors and windows. There are two kinds of installation methods for the top of aluminium alloy doors and windows: slot type and self-sticking type. Today, Shanghai Hoya Decoration Materials Co., Ltd. will tell you about the advantages of the top of self-sticking aluminium alloy doors and windows.

  1. Fur is extremely soft, with low friction, no noise and good anti-collision performance.

  2. High density: 5P super-dense, good sealing effect.

  3. High-quality backing glue: backing glue is made of American super-strong adhesive backing glue, which is five times stronger than ordinary backing glue. Moreover, backing glue has waterproof performance and its service life is much stronger than ordinary self-adhesive top.

  4. Excellent workmanship: firm and firm wool and glue surface, free expansion and curling.

  5. Good aging resistance: the service life is 5 times as long as that of ordinary self-adhesive wool.