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Deep Analytical Water-tightness of Sealing Tops for Steady Doors and Windows

Dec 20, 2018

  Wool top specification is an important factor affecting the water tightness of push-pull doors and windows, and also an important factor affecting the switching force of doors and windows. It is difficult to assemble if the size of the top is too large or the vertical hair is too high. It also increases the moving resistance of doors and windows, especially the initial resistance when opening and the final resistance when closing; the size is too small, or the height of the vertical wool is not enough, so it is easy to get out of the groove and make the doors and windows close. Sealing performance is greatly reduced.

  We independently develop and produce silicified wool top. Compared with ordinary doors and windows wool top in the market, we have the following characteristics:

  It can greatly reduce the noise of the closed door, has superior elasticity and weather resistance, and maintains excellent elasticity under cold (-300 C).

  The surface is not wrinkled and deformed with the design of interpolation and indentation. It has good sound insulation, shock absorption and sealing effect.

  Selection of EPDM High Elastic Material for PVC Rubber and Plastics

  The top should be treated by silicification. The surface of the qualified top is straight, the bottom and vertical hair are smooth, without bending, and no pitting on the bottom meets the requirement of 0.20MM. Now, many of the aluminium alloy doors and windows are sealed with rubber strips, which have reached the state of no need to equip with wool strips.