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Composite skeleton sealing strip

Nov 21, 2018

  The composite skeleton sealing strip is generally divided into two compounding devices and three compound rubber extruding seals. It is a messy skill to produce compound skeleton seal strip through the joint operation of two or more rubber extruders.

  It can compound with plastic material, steel strip and even multi-material in sealing strip. Others are produced through several shapes of data.

  The product of composite skeleton sealing strip is made of high quality three yuan ethylene propylene rubber and foaming process. On the contrary, imported double sided adhesive tape is used and the interlayer is grid glass fiber.

  Applicable scale and installation method: it is suitable for all kinds of doors and windows. Installation method: self-contained double-sided glue can be directly posted (it is necessary to be lubricated, clean, smooth and dull for the surface to be posted). The silicone rubber produced by the composite sealing strip is clear, smooth, soft and elastic, non-toxic, tasteless, high and low temperature resistance (-80 degree c-280), and not easy to age, not shape, slightly acid and alkali. Ozone resistance, high refractoriness, electrical insulation also has very good function.

  Composite sealing strip and EPDM microwave vulcanization process have excellent lubrication, excellent elasticity and anti-compaction, aging resistance, ozone resistance, chemical corrosion resistance and wide working temperature scale (-40 ~120 C), high-quality functions, which have been widely used in the production of door and window curtain wall of electric cabinet cars. Different shapes, different materials, or cold, heat, foam, and, as special features of products, can be satisfactorily planned and applied, if required.