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Characteristic introduction and application description of EPDM sealing strip

Dec 08, 2018

     To introduce some knowledge about the characteristics of EPDM sealing strip and its application. As we all know, EPDM seals have the highest market share of all seals, because they have many high performance characteristics that should be possessed as seals. Firstly, it has strong antioxidant ability, so that the sealing strip will not be oxidized and deformed when exposed to air for a long time. Secondly, it has good corrosion resistance, which is reflected in the fact that EPDM seals can resist general weak acid and alkali, so as to ensure its long service life. Another point is that it also has a certain tolerance to certain high and low temperatures, so temperature changes generally do not affect its performance. The temperature range of EPDM sealing strip is also relatively large.

  Above are some introductions about EPDM seal strip. Below is an introduction about the synthesis and use of EPDM seal strip.

    1. Packaging materials (cushioning materials for transport, protective cushioning materials for small electrical appliances, etc. for precision machinery, medical appliances, furniture, glass, etc.)

  2. Civil and construction (large slab filling materials for residential buildings, door and window sealing materials for residential buildings, cushion materials for concrete shrinkage prevention, open channel waterway filling materials, various civil building filling materials, etc.)

  3. Vehicles and ships (door sealing materials, luggage bin sealing materials, engine hood cushioning gaskets, various pipeline sealing materials, lamp seam materials, engine shock-proof materials, instrument cushioning and sealing materials, etc.)

  4. Insulation and insulation (insulating sealing materials for coolers and air conditioners, refrigerators and refrigerators, etc.)

  5. Sound-proof and moisture-proof (noise-proof sealing materials for various mechanical equipment, sealing materials for residential sound-proof walls, water-proof and moisture-proof sealing materials for various electrical appliances, moisture-proof sealing materials for various mechanical equipment, etc.).

  In summary, we can see that the reason why EPDM seals have such a large market is due to their good performance.