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Automotive sealing strip how to maintain?

Sep 19, 2016

In the winter I do not know whether you feel such a phenomenon, which is always in the car feeling a cold wind blowing straight to the car, but also with little breeze, as with doors not closed tight, then one thing at this time is very important, that is sealed, then you need to check the seal.

It can not only increase airtightness and put in the car can also prevent rain from entering the car. If aging can affect the tightness in the car, causing leaks inside the car, you can wind the car, leaking if it is easy to put the body rust. We can see that it is very important to car parts, we usually have regular maintenance checks. There are many specialty stores do this now on the market, and can be tailored for your car, this can increase the car's gas-tightness as well as dust-proof effect. So if you have tightness in your car is not very good, how to maintain in ordinary life?

To periodically check for cracks, there is no fault, if you find the seals break in, you can start seek to binders of patches, where the binder is used to bond, so it is not difficult to mend the crack. If your cracks are large or aging is severe enough that you don't have to use Binder as well replace the easier. Replace method is very simple, but in order to play a good professional is the best update.

In the course of normal maintenance includes the following items, first to detergents for cleaning, after washing is not done, and a layer of protective agent, which prevents aging, but can also prevent the dust.

Seal Windows and doors are important parts, it can not only ensure watertight doors and Windows can also reduce noise, as well as force protection role. But due to the usual Sun aging, shrinkage or deformation phenomena we have to periodically check.