PE Caulk Strips Tape White Self Adhesive Sealing Tape

PE Caulk Strips Tape White Self Adhesive Sealing Tape for Kitchen Sink/Bathroom/Toilet/Bathtub/Shower-Waterproof Mold Proof

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PE Caulk Strips Tape White Self Adhesive Sealing Tape

PE  Waterproof Memebrane 8

Product features


 It Can be sticked on the seam crossing between bathtub,gas cooker and table, sink and table,toilet seam.Can covers up any gap between your range and the countertop.Mould proof/Water proof/Corrosion-resistant/Anticollision.Perfect sealing tape for daily usage.Keep your house clean and tidy as new one for a long time.

Strong Material:

Our tape is made of high-quality PE material, environmentally friendly and non-toxic.Features stronger stickiness and adhesion than traditional PVC.It is an updated version suitable for kitchen sink/bathroom/toilet/bathtub/tub/shower.

High performance of adhesive ability:

The waterproof adhesive make them Mould proof/Water proof/Corrosion-resistant/Anticollision,more sturdy and durable,not easy to peel off;

Designed for easy and fast installation: 

No tubes or guns required. Simply peel and press in the place in minutes.No mess, hassle and waste, easy alternative to regular caulk. Clear instruction on the packge. Will get much more perfect caulking result with our tape.

Size:1-1/2" x 11'(2 packs) Color: White. The color of the caulking tape suit perfectly with your house style. Double-wide design make it more waterproof than other single wide version.

Production Description:

Package Quantity: 2 pcs

Color: White


Our sealing Strip is the first high quality, press in place caulking tape that allows anyone to complete caulking projects around  the home like an expert without any mess and hassle of traditional caulk. It is a high quality PE extrusion with a high performance adhesive that adheres to most surfaces. Unlike other PVC version products on the market, PE version sticks much stronger, more heat-resistant, and waterproof. It acts like a professionally installed traditional caulk bead and adds a barrier to water infiltration. It won't grow mold or mildew and leaves you with a clean, professional finish in just minutes.


1. Before starting your caulking job,please completely clean the surface and make sure it is dry, remove any existing silicone caulking prior to installation.
2. Please heat the gum by hair dryer for better stickiness before usage.
3. It can be applied to any flat and smooth surface like tile, marble, glass, painted wood, etc.
4. Room temperature around 25 Celsius degrees is the best. It will not stick quite good If it' s too cold.
5. Firmly press the strip after installation to ensure a tight seal, and wait about 10-24 hours to use.
6. Cut the butt joint side into 45 degrees when the product needs to be pasted in a 90 degree corner(Will show on the backside of product package).

PE  Waterproof Memebrane tape 11

waterproof tape 1Kitchen-bathroom-wall-PE colourful-sealing-self-adhesive1-8Wholesale-Stock-Small-Order-Kitchen-Bathroom-PVCwall corner and line waterproof tape Kitchen-bathroom-wall-PE colourful-sealing-self-adhesive1-6

Kitchen-bathroom-wall-PE-sealing-self-adhesive(PACKING WITH KNIFE1-2)

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